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Life to the full

A couple of things I've experienced recently have made me question what it means when people talk about living life to the full. It's often used as a warning in case your days left are short and, for me, it used to provoke images of skydiving, wild partying and endless holidays. I used to panic that maybe I wasn't living my life as fully as I could be. Now though I have a completely different stance on this phrase. While parties are great (I am first up for karaoke after a few wines!) and travel is a mind-broadening and important part of life, I believe it's also about taking notice of the ordinary. Going for walks and actually paying attention to the beauty of your surroundings, cooking good food and eating it round the table with family, walking on the sand and hearing it move under your feet, watching a film with your kids without a phone in your hand. I previously wrote about Tom and Jay, two men I cared for in a hospice, who still found things to look f