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A New Year

At the end of last year I left a job in a charity and returned permanently to practice nursing - again! And since then - I think because I do have a habit of accumulating various nursing roles - I've been asked about my work quite a lot. But one question that seems to be on repeat is one that I don't remember being asked years ago when my children were little. It's this one - 'So how many days a week are you working then?'. I find myself explaining and justifying my choices to not always work a full week. I've even found myself asking other women this in case, perhaps, I'm not matching up. It has recently occurred to me that, as far as I'm aware, this is not a question a man is asked regularly. It has led to me considering why this is such a point of interest. And I have come to the conclusion that women can't win. If we work full time, we are seen as neglecting our family but if we choose to do, say three days a week, we run the risk of being seen a