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Let's Hope

Let's be clear on one thing. Selfish people who are only concerned with their own needs are dicks. Panic buyers are only concerned with their own needs and therefore panic buyers are dicks. Don't panic buy. In fact, don't panic at all. This outbreak is of course very concerning and by no means am I suggesting that we carry on as we please ignoring vital information. But let's all only pay attention to the correct information. As soon as this situation began I've been urging people not to take notice of the sensationalist media that we are subjected to on so many platforms these days and listen only to what is being issued by the government/NHS. Their advice is clear, sensible and very easily followed. Stay calm, do what is advised and don't ever read the Daily Mail. Nowhere have we been told that the best way to act is to disregard everyone else, ramming fellow customers out the way with our trolleys, so that we can buy 32 packets of paracetamol and 225 loo