Let's Hope

Let's be clear on one thing. Selfish people who are only concerned with their own needs are dicks. Panic buyers are only concerned with their own needs and therefore panic buyers are dicks. Don't panic buy. In fact, don't panic at all.

This outbreak is of course very concerning and by no means am I suggesting that we carry on as we please ignoring vital information. But let's all only pay attention to the correct information. As soon as this situation began I've been urging people not to take notice of the sensationalist media that we are subjected to on so many platforms these days and listen only to what is being issued by the government/NHS. Their advice is clear, sensible and very easily followed. Stay calm, do what is advised and don't ever read the Daily Mail.

Nowhere have we been told that the best way to act is to disregard everyone else, ramming fellow customers out the way with our trolleys, so that we can buy 32 packets of paracetamol and 225 loo rolls. Sadly the sort of situation we find ourselves in can bring out the absolute worst in people. But it can also bring out the best and maybe, just maybe, we can be the sort of people we should be all of the time. Instead of being greedy let's make sure those around us have what they need to get by. Let's call the elderly people we know and make sure they are ok. I've written about our older generation many times now and in these situations they excel because they have been through far worse than this. Let's allow them to give us some of their sage wisdom and perspective as the snowflake generation crumbles.

Let's get exercise safely. Enjoy the blossom that's everywhere right now and the sun when it makes an appearance. Let's actually find the positive during this time and have fun at home with our children. Many of us are being given extra days to do things we often put off. Let's not waste it. Cook together, play games, snuggle up with a film, dance round the kitchen, laugh at the funny memes going round right now. Don't show your children that the way to survive this is to be completely alarmed and frightened. Acting this way will only scare them when they don't need to be scared. They need to be informed like the rest of us. Lead by example. Stay home if you need to, socialise sensibly, clean your phone and wash your damn hands.

Please don't go to your GP if you have symptoms. On Monday evening I ran a clinic and from my treatment room I could hear a waiting room full of coughing people. Don't be selfish, the NHS was at breaking point before this happened so please, please respect the medical staff and use your common sense. Don't phone 111 if you don't feel unwell and definitely don't go to hospital unless it is vital. I was stunned to find out that a teenager I know had been taken to A&E this week with a bruised finger!! Seriously.

If we follow the proper advice we're given, stay calm, be kind and focus on the good, we can protect our physical and mental health during this strange time. Remember thousands of people have fully recovered from this disease and, by doing what we're supposed to, we can make sure more people do the same while protecting those more vulnerable. I'll finish with two quotes I've heard this week. The first was something Michael Buble shared from his friend on Instagram. He said 'Our grandparents were asked to go to war, all we are being asked to do is sit on the couch'. The second is from my mum. She said 'Maybe this will bring back caring for others. I am already seeing people helping others like when it snows. Let's hope this kindness stays with us, not just for the snowy season and gone when it melts'.


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